Jimmy Red Corn Famous Bootlegger Moonshine Grits Hominy Masa Corn Heirloom Seed Packet


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This corn variety was nearly lost to time. In the early 2000's, the last known grower of this corn passed away, but the corn was salvaged from his last patch and passed around to other farmers. We are extremely lucky to have it. While famous for it's bootlegging past, it makes incredible masa for tamales, better flavored grits, hominy and corn bread to die for. We love it so much, that in 2020, we planted a full acre of it for our family. If you want to grow a corn for meal....or other purposes...=).....you gotta try this famous dent corn out.

Unlike others, we do not buy seeds from outside sources. Our plants are hand grown with tender loving care. Your purchase helps us to continue our quest to organically produce premium seeds here on our farm. We are passionate about gardening and strive to present nothing but the best for our fellow gardeners. The pictures you see are the actual photos of the corn we grew. There are 20 seeds per pack

We guarantee germination for this current year or your money back. Seeds must be stored in a cool dry area.