Abe Hall Heirloom Tomato Premium Seed Packet


Abe Hall Heirloom Tomato Premium Seed Packet

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Each year we grow a giant garden of our favorite vegetables. Most of our favorite vegetables are old time varieties that people currently call Heirloom. It is with great pleasure that we offer up our favorites for you.

Tomato Description:

The story of this variety says that a boater, Abe Hall, grabbed a large pink tomato he saw floating by while he was riding out an Ohio River flood and planted its seeds. Tomatoes reach 1 lb and are very acidic with great flavor.. perfect for canning.

Regular leaf

Indeterminate. 85 days

We guarantee germination for this current year or your money back. Seeds must be stored in a cool dry area. All seeds have been properly fermented to keep out any disease contamination. They are open pollinated. 10 seeds per pack.

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